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Dutch for Foreigners

NHA - Anywhere
The Dutch Course for Foreigners is definitely ideal for foreigners who would like to learn the Dutch Language swiftly and better. The emphasis is on active and practical language usages, not on grammar. You will learn Dutch language just like how you have learned your own mother tongue: Step by Step...
Home study | € 279.00 | 90+ days | Now available
Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands and is one of three official languages in Belgium, where it is called Flemish. Pimsleur's Dutch teaches Standard Dutch, or "Newsreader Dutch," which is widely understood and accepted in the Netherlands. Learn Dutch today with Pimsleur. ...
E-learning | € 119.95 | 2 Days | Now available

Learn Dutch

Babbel - Anywhere
Dutch is a widely spoken language in the EU. The Netherlands and Belgium, which house the majority of the global Dutch speaking population, are strategic trade partners of both the United States and the United Kingdom. The Dutch language is usually studied by those looking to learn another foreign l...
E-learning | Free | Now available

Dutch course

Language Institute Regina Coeli - 's-Hertogenbosch
Do you want to speak Dutch well? Then Language Institute Regina Coeli is the place to be. You can rapidly improve your Dutch skills with us at Regina Coeli. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of Dutch, or already speak the language well and just want to be that much more persuas...
1 on 1 | Price (from) unknown | Now available

Dutch Incompany Courses

Katakura - Anywhere
We provide Dutch language training for businesses in the Netherlands. Our lessons are thorough and engaging, prioritising speaking competence as a foundation for deeper learning. NATIVE SPEAKERS Our teachers are all native Dutch speakers and lessons are available in-company or at our school near...
In company | Price (from) unknown | Now available
After you have completed an entire course there is a shopping class to practice your skills. We will go to a shopping centre near the Amsterdam World Trade Centre in Amsterdam Zuid. All levels can join. This is on every first Saturday (13:00 – 14:30) of the month. ...
Other | Free | 1 Days | Now available
Well prepared for the Inburgering exam through intensive training! The Inburgering exam is the Dutch state language test that ensures you have reached a proficient level of Dutch. We provide Inburgering Exam Training and Inburgering Exam Practice – giving you the tools you need to pass with s...
Classroom | € 245.00 | 35 Days | Now available

Dutch for beginners

NHBO - Anywhere
This course is designed for people who have a minimal knowledge or none of Dutch and who need to extend their vocabulary and rehearse their knowledge of grammar for business or personal purposes. It comes with a CD, which contains the audio-material for the listening exercises. You can start imme...
Home study | € 279.00 | Now available

IB Dutch language A (self-taught)

IVIO-Wereldschool - Anywhere
Is er geen docent op de internationale school aanwezig als uw kind in Nederlands wil afstuderen? Dan kan IB Dutch language A via de Wereldschool worden gevolgd. Uw kind wordt dan een self taught student die op afstand begeleid wordt. Meer inhoudelijke informatie over het IB programma kunt u hier le...
Home study | Price (from) unknown | 90+ days | Now available

Private Courses

Koentact - Anywhere
This course is designed for people who are looking for fast results! Your program will be tailored to your specific needs and greatest interests. Our private Dutch lessons grant you the full attention of one of our experienced Koentact language teachers. Individual guidance and a practical course pr...
1 on 1 | Price (from) unknown | Now available

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